Autoimmune Disorders

Limitless IV Drip Therapy


‘Limitless’ is an IV drip that can help manage autoimmune disorders as well as chronic health conditions including fibromyalgia, asthma, infections, inflammation, and allergies. It can be integrated into your normal self-care and preventive regimen for improved health and wellness.

Free radicals and toxins hijack your health. When this happens, your body needs vitamins and nutrients. This amazing vitamin infusion is based on functional medicine. It is formulated to give your body the nutrients it needs where it is most needed. This IV therapy lets you take charge of your body’s vitality, so you are not left at the mercy of chronic ailments.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for one ‘Limitless’ IV therapy session is $279. You can opt to pay with cash or any major credit card.

What’s In The Limitless IV Drip?

In addition to saline, ‘Limitless’ contains:

  • Magnesium. This mineral is essential to immune health. When people consume too much sugar or are chronically stressed, magnesium levels can go down. This can ramp up the production of proinflammatory cytokines, which then negatively affect the body’s immune response.
  • Calcium. We all know that calcium is important for bone health. It is also vital to circulating blood, moving muscles, and releasing hormones. According to a study by researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center, a specific type of calcium-based cellular signal provides a “vital balance between the body’s ability to destroy invading microbes and its need to prevent autoimmune disease.” This simply means that calcium is crucial to maintaining the balance in the immune system and making sure it can respond on time.
  • B-vitamins. B-vitamins help regulate many of our body’s functions including digestion, nerve function, sleep, circulation, and immune health. B12 supports white blood cell production, which are vital components of the immune system. B6 supports the formation of red blood cells and affects immune function as well as brain development.
  • Vitamin C. Vitamin C is another immune health ally. It helps repair and maintains tissues. It aids in healing wounds and keeping bones, teeth, and skin healthy. It also helps fight disease-causing free radicals.
What's In The Limitless IV Drip
What Is An Autoimmune Disorder

What Is An Autoimmune Disorder?

An autoimmune disorder is a type of disease wherein the immune system attacks the body.

The immune system is meant to protect the body against bacteria and viruses. When it is alerted to foreign invaders, it sends out fighter cells to attack them. This presumes that the immune system can recognize which cells are foreign and which ones are not.

When you have an autoimmune disorder, your immune system is unable to do so. Instead, it attacks parts of your body, mistaking them as foreign, by releasing autoantibodies. These are proteins that attack healthy cells. Sometimes, they attack just one organ but in other cases, they can attack the whole body.

Types Of Autoimmune Disorders

  • Type 1 diabetes. Immune system antibodies attack cells that produce insulin in the pancreas, which is why people with type 1 diabetes constantly require insulin injections.
  • Graves’ disease. Antibodies stimulate the thyroid gland to release excess amounts of the thyroid hormone into the blood. Symptoms can include weight loss, brittle hair, rapid heart rate, and bulging eyes.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis. Immune system cells attack the joints, which then causes pain and inflammation. If unchecked, it can lead to permanent joint damage.
  • Multiple sclerosis. The immune system attacks the nerve cells, which can cause blindness, weakness, and muscle spasms.

Benefits Of IV Therapy For Chronic Conditions

  • IV therapy for fibromyalgia. IV infusions can help reduce soreness and improve the quality of life for patients. Magnesium deficiency is common among those with fibromyalgia. It is vital to converting fats and sugars into ATP. Low ATP levels can cause muscle spasms and insulin resistance, among others.
  • IV therapy for asthma. One study found that IV treatment, including magnesium, is beneficial for those with acute and chronic asthma. Researchers noted that “pulmonary function improved progressively the longer patients received treatment.”
  • IV therapy for inflammation. IV therapy can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation to prevent lasting joint damage.
  • IV therapy for allergies. IV therapy with high-dose vitamin C infusion has been found to help reduce allergy-related symptoms. Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine. It can lower histamine levels and alleviate allergic reactions and symptoms.
Benefits Of IV Therapy For Chronic Conditions
Limitless IV Drip

How To Book A Mobile IV Service For Autoimmune Disorder Treatment

Step 1: Choose ‘Limitless’ from our IV drip menu.

Step 2: Book an appointment. Call us at 561-639-2115. Or download the Hydreight app on your mobile device to book directly.

Step 3: Choose an IV specialist and wait for them to come to you. Whether at home or at work, a fully qualified medical professional will go to you to administer the IV infusion. They will conduct a quick health check to ensure that the procedure is safe.

Step 4: Relax and feel the difference. The therapy will last for about an hour. You should feel the effects immediately after.

Hope For Relief

Long-lasting health requires proper and constant maintenance, especially if you have an autoimmune disorder or chronic conditions. If you intend to use IV therapy as part of your treatment regimen, consult with a medical professional to ensure that it is safe and effective for you.

Give us a call today if you’d like to book a session or download the Hydreight app.


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